Cats: Tip for Cat Owners - easy way to get urine sample

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Tip for Cat Owners - easy way to get urine sample

If your Vet ever asks you to bring in a urine sample from your cat,
try this which just worked beautifully for my cat, Molly. Apologies
to all of you who knew this already. I did not, and it saved me and
Molly the trauma of a trip to the vet and a needle in the tummy ,
which is a commonly used alternative.

Just put a package or two of dried lentils (used for soup, about
80 cents in the dried beans section at the grocery store) in a
clean plastic litter box. Wait and Watch! Drain the urine into a
container and toss out the lentils! It worked perfectly and my Vet
assured me that it would not affect the results. (Apparently
unpopped corn or split peas are other alternatives. I put out 3
litter boxes all at once for Molly to pick from: one empty, one
filled with "no sorb" (small plastic pellets made for the purpose
available at some Vets), and a third filled with lentils. The lentils

Thanks to a veterinary technician friend for this suggestion!
Hope it helps others. (I understand that it is important not to let
the sample sit too long in the box. It should be delivered quickly
to the Vet with some indication of the time it was deposited by
the cat and should be refrigerated. Molly's 9:30 AM deposit was
at the vet before 10 AM


Posted on SHARE Yahoo group - Mar. 11, 2008